Work from Home Small Business ideas

Easy Business Ideas

An international Appraisal report the government to create more jobs skill developments and encourage
individual entrepreneur so interested educated unemployed peoples are easily get aid from government to setting up
their smalls business. Here is I am listed some small business ideas for entrepreneurs. If you have any clarifications
about the business you contact following mail address

Country chicken farming
Country chicken rearing is one of good small business for women .backyard country chicken
rearing is better for new entrepreneur very low investment need for backyard country chicken rearing
first buy five pairs of chickens. Hens are laying six months of old it lay 10 to 16 eggs hatching period
is 21 days. Day old chicks are watching carefully by mother hen. After seven days old Lasota vaccination
for all chicks. Six months old cocks are getting 1.7 kgs weight.
Quail Farming
Quail rearing is another one good home business. Quails are have better immunity quails are matured
8 weeks it lay daily basis quail eggs hatching period is 18 days.
Broiler chicken farming
Broiler chicken is one of most important FMCG product lot of peoples are eating broiler chicken
regularly so broiler chicken farming is good business for unemployed educated youths. Banks are also financing poultry farming.
Pigeon rearing
Two types of pigeons are available one f or broiler pigeon meat purpose and another fashion pigion.
Fashion pigeons rearing is get healthy income.
Goat rearing
Local breed goats are reared by farmers by backyard method, some of good local breeds are telichery,jamunabar
y and kanni breed. More number of cross breeds are available Boer is good breed for rearing.boer is southafrican
goat cross breed it gains monthly 4 kgs.

Mushroom farming
Mushroom rearing is one of good home based business it is enough low investment. We need 200 square feet thatched
and dark shed is good first you select good spore or span for growing buy mushroom growing kit or make the kit your home.
Silk worm growing
Sericulture is give extra income to farmers so many farmers are growing silk worm.we need half to one acre
land for mulberry cultivation for feeding silk worms.