Students Part Time Jobs

Earn Money By Your Mobile Phone

Online jobs:
It is the best available job opportunity on the internet that everyone was looking daily to earn.Five ways to earn money through online:
 Paid to click sites
 Online survey jobs
 Money making blog
 SFI-affiliate marketing
 Bit coins-crypto currency

Basic requirements to start this online work:
Below are the basic requirements which are need for earning money online at home.
 A personal computer(or laptop) with internet connection
 Gmail account
 PayPal account
 Payza account
 Personal bank account
 Pancard(for Indian people)
 Daily 3-4 HRS willing to work
Typing jobs:
Typing/stenography are one of the easiest ways to earn money. If you know speed typing it is more than enough to work online. Entering data using keys and doing this online is called online typing. The money earned here is proportional to your typing skill.
Requirements for this kind of job are a computer with notepad and ms word and a good internet connection. The typed materials are required to be sending to the customer by scanning. The number of words in the pages determines the amount of earning. For e.g. if a page contains 100 words. The amount is determined like 50$ per 100wp page…
Online tutoring:
Generally tutoring need arises online when there is no much material already available in the internet. This tutoring is not just based on education but also for various awareness creating things also. For example if one search for how to make money online. If there is no many websites to guide them. One can make a video or create a document to the fellow needy .it is not just helping the needy and it can also make money by tutoring someone.
Earning money by means of advertisement:
Google ad sense is one of the well known ways of earning money through advertisements. Basic html learning is enough to earn money through this method.
Requirements for this kind of job is one must have an own website or blog site to make space available for advertisements in their online site. The amount paid to you is based on the space you rent for advertisement in your site.

Working for abroad nations:
When working for foreign countries money is paid in dollars or corresponding currencies. Which can be received through PayPal account? For opening such accounts pan card is more necessary.