Self Employment And Business Developement

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The basic of any human life or a family’s existence is employement.employment of one person of a family fulfils the need of the full family.
In general employment is of two types

1. Employed to some other person that is working for someone and getting played by them on periodic basis.
2. Employing yourself i.e. being your own employer and getting profits out of your investments.
Every year so many people graduate and they end up being an employer or being employed under others. Number of vacancies and job opportunities are very less compared to the number of people graduating. This forces people to take up their own projects. Banks give loans to people who are willing to start up a company. based on their prospective and demand of product they are going to produce people willing to start a company can undergo training in some institute and then state it as a statement of proof to banks that they are qualified and knowledgeable in that particular area. Self employed people provide employment to others. self help groups are best examples for self employed personalities

Self employment in the name itself describes its meaning. Self employment is the one which is highly recommendedand appreciated by the government, because it satisfies the job need of that individual and creating job opportunities for others simultaneously. The government takes special attention in self employment and creating awareness to the people. And encouraging by way of providing training program through DIC (district industrial center) as certified programs. Then self employed people’s avail loan with government subsidy.
Advantages of self employment as individual:

As self employed persons have great confidence in their life.
They don’t need to depend upon the job opportunities provide by others, they are capable of providing and creating jobs for others is the best things in it. In simple if there’s no self employment there’s no business. For example in our surrounding vegetable seller, rice vendors, tailor, mechanic, Carpenter, grocery shop owner, beautician, doctors etc are self employed persons without to them we cannot sustain.

way every business man is a self employed person, as it’s a small business like vegetable seller or the owner of multinational company. Self employment is the one which is needed by every nation because of growing population. The person is able to do what you want to do only in self employment. Simply he can do what he loves, that opportunity only available in self employment. And he may sets the work timings on his own, that’s not possible for employed persons According to his moods he analyzing postponing his works or works in the midnight all are possible for self employed persons.