Data Entry Jobs From Home

You’re tired of going to work each day and want a way to make money that offers amazing litheness and do not know how to go about, then doing data entry jobs from home may be a perfect choice for you. You have been working for entirely too long at a job you dislike, long distance commuting with office politics that caused burnout and left you wondering if there’s a better way. Then doing data entry jobs from home is apt for you.

Data entry jobs are nothing but entry of various types of information via computer and at times, management of this information. There are several other names one may hear for online data entry workers such as online home typists, online word processors, information processing specialists and online transcribers (transcription).

Data entry jobs from home often include the preparation of reports, spreadsheets, lists, records, correspondence and databases. Even the work can become tedious and often time-consuming. If you feel if you’re a good typist and can accurately capture and record information in a time efficient manner, data entry from home may be a better choice for you.

Data entry jobs offer the option of working from home and often also offer flexible scheduling. It is like you will be able to work when you want or as much as you want.

Medical and Legal Transcription: Medical and/or legal transcription requires the manual entry of information as heard from an audio file. You listen to a recording and type everything that you hear. There is specialized equipment available to perform these tasks such as headphones and even foot pedals that can slow down or speed up what you’re listening to.

Medical Coding: Medical coding / coders ensure the proper entry and management of sensitive medical data. There are correspondence courses that can teach you how to do this from home.

Litigation Coding: Litigation coding involves the capture of information from scanned documents to assist legal professionals in not only storing documents electronically but locating the documents using accurate search criteria.

Word Processing: Word processing is nothing but the manual entry of data that is on documents (mostly pdf, bmp, jpeg or any image file format) into a text file format (digital that is) without making any adjustments from the original style.