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Data Entry Jobs

The job role of data entry operator is to maintain information in the database. The information
stored must be very accurate and up to date.

Nature of work

Information stored data entry operator may be numerical or text based. It may be stored in the
database in the format of spreadsheet or in the format of papper based hand written. The type of
information stored will get various from company to company. For example if you work for a research
based company the information to be entered is market survey results. If it is a sales based company
then information stored is about clients.

Skills needed

Ability to work under pressure, ability to work faster, computer literacy good attention to details,
accuracy in entry datas, typing skills. If the data entry job is in customer services then
additionally communication skill and soft skill must be need.

Prepare and sort documents for the data to be entered
Check source documents for the information to be accurate.
Rearrange the information to be entered where required
Enter the data electronically
Scan the documents for future reference

Security points before starting work

Before starting the work check whether company is properly registered. Check the duration or period of
stay of the company in market. Check the terms and condition of company before signing.
There are various jobs for data entry clerks in the sectors like marketing,education,banking,administration.
more in to IT sector may be possible based on the work done and courses completed. When the experience
increases possibility of getting supervisor role possible.

Accuracy with fastness is the major skill. So datas have to entered fast with correctfullness.salary will
be compared to the work done. Targets will be given with very short period, after sometimes this job
becomes bore due to repitation of work. The work is best suited for students and home makers. Better to
keep it as part time rather than full time job.